The role of
Ishizaki Holdings

Ishizaki Honten is a long-standing company that was founded in 1918.
They were in business as a glass manufacturer and processor for over 100 years in their hometown Hiroshima.
In April 2022, Ishizaki Honten transitioned to a holdings structure. It was split into two separate companies. The departments that handled building materials became Ishizaki Honten Corporation, and the departments that handled automobile-related work became Penstone Corporation.
Ishizaki Holdings, by supporting both companies through handling management-related matters, as well as the management and operation of stocks and assets and the operation of a nursery school, enables Ishizaki Group to work hard in unison to contribute to the local region and society.

02 Symbol Mark

The feelings behind this mark

For this mark, the form of progress of light reflected from glass and mirrors was chosen as a motif so that whoever sees the mark can feel the technological power of Ishizaki Group that has been cultivated over many years. The whole mark expresses the Chinese character for stone, read as “Ishi” in Japanese. It symbolizes an image of brightly expanding towards the future.

03 Brand Slogan

The feelings behind this slogan

Both Japan and the entire world are welcoming an era that is continuously advancing and diversifying.
No matter how much the things we make change, and no matter how much technology evolves, the feelings inside us will never change. Those feelings are our strong conviction “to create products that leave an impression with our customers,” and “to be helpful for society by giving shape to those feelings.”
Our products are used throughout our everyday lives. Our mission is to continue to push forward as a manufacturing company that handles research and development, manufacturing, and sales, in order to help people’s lives and to realize a society with abundance. Since our foundation, that strong will that we have inherited over many years has been embedded in our slogan.