01 Corporate Philosophy

Company Creed

Harmony and Sincerity

Management Philosophy

  • We are committed to satisfying all of our customer needs through sincere and conscientious work effort based on a quality-first principle.
  • We accurately grasp and respond to social needs and contribute to society through the company’s business efforts.
  • We are committed to training and making efforts in cultivating a broad vision and foresight.
  • We are committed to a select few and sound management and deliver appropriate profits to realize permanent development of the company and securing the welfare of employees.

02 Message from President

In the modern era, with all its marked changes in everything, the role that a company must fulfill is changing compared to before. Our company, with a history spanning over a century is no exception, and we must meet the needs of the times by ceaselessly continuing to try new things. Then we have resolved to shift over to a holdings structure in April 2022, and make a new start towards the next generation. We are optimizing by splitting our two main businesses into separate organizations and aim to further display the strengths of each one. And as a group, we have until now carefully protected and inherited our foundation “creating pleasant and safe spaces.” To this foundation we have added the words “unique × space,” with feelings of creating new values with free ideas that have never been seen before. By leveraging our unrivaled ideas and rich imagination as well as the technology to realize them, we will all continue to try new challenges for Ishizaki Group’s will to reach the hearts of people.

Taijiro Ishizaki

03 History

1918 Nobuo Ishizaki (First president) founded a shop, Ishizaki Nobuo Shoten (Start of the glass wholesale business)
1950 Established Ishizaki Glass Honten Co., Ltd.
1965 Changed company name to Ishizaki Honten Corporation due to business expansion
1973 Completed the Ishizaki Honten building
1998 Completed the Ishizaki Honten building (80th anniversary)
2022 Established Ishizaki Holdings Corporation Established
Ishizaki Honten Corporation,
Penstone Corporation, Ishizaki Co., Ltd.

04 Company outline

Corporate name Ishizaki Holdings Corporation
Foundation July, 1918
Establishment April, 2022
Capital 50,000,000 yen
Headquarters 1-2-15, Yanoshinmachi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan
Business Content Business management of group companies,
Business planning, risk management, etc.
Directors & Officers President Taijiro Ishizaki
Directors Shinichi Taga
Hikaru Nakamura
Koji Wakimoto
Hironori Numaoka
Executive Officers Yutaka Nishida
Toshihiko Kawakami