01 Ishizaki Honten Corporation

With high quality building materials, mainly glass, we support the external appearance and comfortability of all kinds of buildings.

Ishizaki Honten Company, Limited

02 Penstone Corporation

We protect clear vision for drivers with automobile mirrors and glass, and contribute to safe and comfortable driving.

Penstone Corporation

03 Ishizaki Co., Ltd.

Through parking management with a thorough control system, we support your urban car life.

Ishizaki Co., Ltd.

04 Quality Policy


2018.12:ISO14001 acquired

Ishizaki Honten Company, Limited

Our company carries out activities aiming “to be evaluated as a one-of-a-kind company in product quality, price, delivery period and skills.”
For that purpose, we work on the following as policies:
① Provide high-quality products and construction that meet the needs of customers and the requirements of laws and regulations.
② Build quality management systems, implement the cycle of continuous improvement for its effectiveness and make efforts to increase customer satisfaction.
③ Set the quality goals for the fiscal year and perform practice and supervision to achieve it.


ISO9001:2015 / JIS Q 9001:2015
Registered date: May 14, 1999
Registration updated date: August 22, 2021
Expiration date: August 21, 2024
1998.2:ISO9002 acquired

Penstone Corporation

In the Penstone Corporation, all employees have made efforts to improve quality on a daily basis under the following policies, “Quality Policy” and “Action Guidelines.”

Quality Policy
We individually act from the customer’s point of view and deliver products of reliable quality.

Action Guidelines
Start an operation from quality confirmation
After quality confirmation, go on to the next step
Confirm quality on the actual site, the actual thing and by the actual numbers
Immediately solve problems based on the principles
Continuously perform all-hands improvement of quality

ISO acquired
2018.5:IATF16949:2016 transitioned
2003.2:ISO/TS16949 acquired
2000.2:QS9000 acquired
1999.3:ISO9001 acquired
1998.2:ISO9002 acquired

05 Corporate Governance

As indicated below, we are working to prepare a corporate governance system and to improve the value of our company.

1. Basic Way of Thinking Regarding Corporate Governance

Since our founding, we have conducted business management with the spirit of “Harmony and Sincerity,” our company creed. We believe that, following our company creed, maintaining harmony, and continuing with fair, honest, and sincere business practices, has led to deeper relationships with our customers and other stakeholders, building trust, and raising our company’s value.
In order to reflect these beliefs in our business management, we strive to build a corporate governance system and strengthen our operations. We are focusing on establishing this as an important management foundation.

2. Corporate Governance System Chart

A summary of our corporate governance system is shown in the following chart.

3. Executive Officer System

In order to realize quick business judgment and conducting of business affairs, and to effectively manage and supervise the state of our affairs, the executive structure is divided into directors, who make decisions, and executive officers, who conduct business affairs. The roles and responsibilities for each are clearly defined.

4. Strengthening Functions of Conference Structure

Executive meetings strengthen functions by serving as places where executive officers report on the conducting of business affairs, as well as instruct, manage, and supervise those affairs. In addition, in order to ensure the suitability of business conduct by directors, and to optimize decision making in the Board of Directors, an outside directors, as well as outside auditors, are established. The results of resolutions made by the Board of Directors will be made known to executives who are higher than certain ranks, and transparency regarding decision making will be carried out.

5. Management of Affiliated Subsidiaries

The control of affiliated subsidiaries, including those overseas, will make clear the authority of local managers, and by establishing specialist departments, overseas tasks are suitably managed, management information is understood, and problem solving is being sped up, all in order to improve the level of management.

6. Work Process Control

By listing work processes with the flowchart manual, we promote the accuracy and efficiency of work tasks.

7. Personnel Committee

We have established a Personnel Committee in order to conduct appropriate and fair personnel transfers and salary raises and promotions and conduct decisions and preliminary reviews regarding personnel.

8. Risk Management Committee

In order to consider possible risks in Japan and overseas, and to come up with risk countermeasures in advance, we are working towards establishing a risk management system. In order to conduct an organizational response to each risk, we will strengthen the operations of our Risk Management Committee.

9. Internal Auditing System

In order to restore our management and make it more effective, and to improve reliability in our accounting information, we cooperate with auditors, and conduct occasional and internal audits to all our departments and affiliated subsidiaries.