01 VISION2030

“UNIQUE×SPACE” A company that conveys emotions

We attempt changes in our business to become a company that creates “spaces” in which all people can realize a rich life.

02 12th Mid-term Management Plan

Attempting SHINKA
~ Evolving × Deepening × New Opportunities ~

We look beyond the next 10 years and attempt 3 important forms of SHINKA – “evolution” which establishes a group management system, “deepening” which strengthens the foundations of our existing business, and “new opportunities,” in which we seek out new business.

Basic Strategies

  1. Making Our Existing Business More Competitive and Creating Value for Customers
    1. We pursue technological development and proposal-based sales from the perspective of our customers (end users) and aim to be an excellent business partner.
    2. We provide “products and services” that go beyond expectations and imagination and create new emotions and joy for our customers.
  2. Contributing to the Creation of a Decarbonized Society
    Through our efforts to become carbon neutral and to achieve the SDGs, we increase societal value.
  3. Reinforcing Business Foundation and Strengthening Group Management Foundation
    1. We improve group earning power by assuring the quality that customers expect, and through our improvements and reforms.
    2. We strengthen our human resources, organizations, information systems, governance, and financial structure, all of which support our business strategies.
  4. Attempting to Create New Business
    Utilizing our management resources and the features of our company, we apply them to new fields, expand our territory, and create footholds in new business

Strategic Policy

  1. Strengthening our manufacturing and proposal ability from the perspective of our customers (end users)
    1. Drafting of product strategies that take advantage of our unique features, redefining growth scenarios and deciding on roadmaps.
    2. Improving product development, technological development, and added value, based on our customers (end users), environment, and societal issues.
    3. Strengthening our production technology, construction technology, manufacturing technology, and management technology with the aim of improving productivity and strengthening quality management
    4. Strengthening our proposal-based sales capabilities
  2. Promoting ESG (Environment, Society, Governance)
    1. Pursuing societal value based on carbon neutral response and the SDGs.
    2. Improving governance effectiveness: Not creating misfortune for people, constructing a safe and secure work system
  3. Accelerating development of human resources and strengthening human resource management
    1. Securing and developing next generation leaders and professional human resources that can put our management vision into practice
    2. Establishing education systems that support the improvement of expertise
    3. Promote job satisfaction reform and health management (system reform, workplace environment improvement)
  4. Reconstructing and Improving Information System Foundations
    1. Improving and strengthening digital platforms (accelerating digitization and central management)
    2. Reforming central systems for realizing work reform
  5. Making an Even Stronger Business Foundation
    1. Ensuring stable profits through profit structure reform: reconstructing business structures, improving productivity
    2. Improving and strengthening productivity systems for realizing smart plants
  6. Strengthening Finance Functions
    1. Actively investing in growth fields, and suitably investing in maintenance and updates (Clarifying investment criteria)
    2. Setting suitable management indicators for group systems
  7. Strengthening Efforts for M&A and Work Cooperation
    Promotion of business expansion and high value added services, preparation for creating new business