01 Environmental Policy

We pursue “manufacturing that is kind to both people and the environment,”
and strive to build a “beautiful earth” and “rich society.”

Action Guidelines

  • 1

    Reduce waste and conserve resources

    By efficiently using our limited resources, we work towards reducing waste and conserving resources.

  • 2

    Reduce CO2 emissions

    We pursue manufacturing that does not place a heavy burden on the environment and strive to reduce our CO2 emissions.

  • 3

    Prevent environmental pollution

    We appropriately manage items that have a possibility of polluting the environment.

  • 4

    Observe environmental laws and regulations

    We observe environmental laws and regulations of each country and region, as well as other matters that our company has agreed to.

  • 5

    Continuously carry out environmental education

    In order to improve awareness and promote actions that are considerate to the environment, we carry out environmental education for all our employees.

  • 6

    Operate environment management system

    We build “Environmental Management Systems” for the entire company and promote environmental management.

02 CSR Activity

Solar Power
We have used a solar power system since 2013. We contribute to society and the environment by generating energy that supports daily life and reduces emission of carbon dioxide.

<Shintsukiji Mirror Plant>
Hearing the Japanese government’s announced “2050 Carbon Neutral Declaration,” we installed these with the aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions created by our business activities.
We are contributing to society and the environment.

Office Desk Donation Drive
These efforts not only set up environments for people working in developing countries, as well as the field of education, but also lead to improving earth’s environment by reducing waste amounts, and contribute to the realization of the SDGs.
These international donation activities realize SDG ideas such as “international contribution” and “creating a circular society.” We also aim to realize the SDGs from the sides of both emissions and receiving, and we are making efforts for 10 of the 17 goals.

Penstone Farm
We have established Penstone Farm in indoor farming facilities in Aichi Prefecture and cultivate vegetables with hydroponics.
We donate the grown vegetables to children’s food halls and other places as part of our efforts to contribute to society.

“Say Hello” Project
We stand in front of the company at the beginning of every month and perform the “Say Hello” project for neighbors as well as our employees.

Local Cleaning Project
We perform a cleaning project once every half-year to increase awareness for environment beautification and to conserve the environment in cooperation with local companies.

Patrol on Premises
We perform patrols to protect local security in cooperation with local companies.

Blood Donation Drive
Our staff members take part in a blood donation campaign in our company twice a year.

Contributions to the Community
As part of our community contribution activities, we hold soccer classes for children.

03 Benefits and Services

In-company Nursery School

In principle, children of the age of 1 to preschool age can attend this school (capacity: 12). By supporting both work and childcare, we have aimed to establish a work environment where all employees can focus on their work while remaining near children.

Employee Dormitory

Our employees who find it difficult to commute from their own homes can enter our single person dormitory. (There are conditions for residing in the dormitory)


In order to improve efficiency, we have introduced a “free address” system in which employees can flexibly change where they work in the office depending on the work contents of that day.

04 Compliance Promotion

Hotline System

If you have found an employee who commits compliance violations, or you have been a victim of, or have witnessed, sexual harassment or power harassment, you do not need to suffer by yourself. First, please consult with us.
* We ask that you use your real name when contacting our hotline, but we also accept anonymous consultations. People who contact us will not be put at a disadvantage or suffer retaliation. In addition, we strictly observe confidentiality so that your personal information does not leak out.

① Company Consultation Desk
[Address] 1-2-15, Yanoshinmachi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan 736-0084
To: Human Resources and General Affairs Department Manager, Ishizaki Holdings Corporation
[E-mail] hotline@ishizaki.co.jp

② Consultation Desk outside of company(Mirai Career Co., Ltd.)
[Address] Daini Futagami Building 3F, 15-7, Fujimi-cho, Naka-ku, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima, Japan 730-0043
To: Mirai Career Co., Ltd.
[E-mail] hotline@hirogaru-mirai.net
[TEL] +81-70-4107-5896

* If using e-mail or post, please fill out the following designated formats regardless of if you are sending to inside or outside the company.